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Picnic ideas on the cheap

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We’re finally getting some great weather here in the UK and it looks like we could be in for a good summer.

There’s loads of things to do while the sun is shining but what can you do on the cheap?

There’s one great activity I enjoy when the weather is good and that’s going for a nice walk and enjoying a sumptuous picnic.

Bishopston valley

I am lucky to live not too far away from the Gower Peninsula in South Wales so I love to explore.  Walking is a relatively cheap hobby but will always build up an appetite.

Why not give this a go yourselves? Go for a walk near you and take a picnic with you. 

Check out our top saving money ideas!

Don’t waste money on frozen ice packs.  Freeze bottled water.  Don’t overfill as you’ll need a bit of head space for the ice to expand.

Buy an insulated carrier bag.  Don't waste money on cool boxes.  Get a cheap freezer bag such as ones on offer from Lidl or Iceland.

Bring your own kitchen ware.  Save money on disposable cutlery and plates by bringing your own.  Don’t forget to wrap them carefully.

Use your own tea towels.  It won’t matter how messy your picnic will be as you can throw them straight into the wash on your return.

My top favourite food tips.

Make an omelette or Spanish tortilla that’s not only cheap using food from around the house – it’s also really filling.

Cook up a cheap pizza. Try cutting into bite size pieces for a bit fun!  A cheap pizza will do because all food tastes great when exploring the great outdoors.

Bitesized parmentier potatoes.  I’m sure you’ve seen them in the supermarkets looking all glam and yummy to eat.  They’re so easy to do yourself on the cheap.  Cut potatoes into cubes, par boil for a few minutes then oven bake with a sprinkle of garlic and rosemary (dried/power/lazy garlic is fine).  Any excess spuds left over after the par boiled stage can be frozen to be used another day.

BLT.  Bacon, lettuce and tomato is the perfect combination for that perfect soggy picnic sandwich.  Streaky bacon is the cheapest cut at the moment and is wonderful when it’s all crisped up.

Speaking of crisps!  Don’t forget these.  They are a must at any picnic and you’ll find some excellent deals out there such as cash back on Kettle crisps on the Checkout Smart cashback app.

Now you’ve saved some cash on the basics, why not splash out on some luxuries?

Bubbles anyone!





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