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  1. Celebrating the magical firefly

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    Aren't fireflies such wonderful little creatures?

    Have you ever seen a cluster of the cute little lightning bugs hovering aound a light source?  If you're lucky enough to have seen them you would have been amazed at how they light up the night's magcial.

    To celebrate these exqusitite little insects, we've updated our firefly LED light up mason jars and they now come personalised with birthday or anniversary numbers.

    All each one needs is a couple of AAA batteries and you'll soon be recreating the magic whilst you enjoy the late summer evenings, in the garden, while the sun sets.

  2. Gin the nations favourite tipple

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    Most bars and clubs are seriously cashing in on the latest Gin trend that is seriously sweeping our nation lately.  I don't blame them though as Gin is my go to drink right now. 

    Glasses of gin being drunk in a pup

    Some of us like a proper brand like Gordons or Bombay Sapphire (they're both superb, by the way) but did you know Lidl has recently topped the chart and won awards with their Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin.  I have sampled one or two and I have to agree, for a non brand, it's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

    I treated myself to one of those balloon gin glasses, you know, the super sized ones that look like they're too heavy to pick up.  I have to say, it made all the difference.  Not only does it store a fair amount of G&T, they're also quite exclusive feeling too.

    Whatever your preferences is, you should treat yourself or your loved one to a nice glass to compliment the nations favourite tipple.