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  1. Happy New Year Crafters!

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    I hope your Christmas celebrations were not too impacted by the dreaded C word and let’s hope 2021 will offer some sort of normality even though we may have to wait a little while.

    Why not save some pennies and give yourself something to do by trying a new hobby.

    This year, we’re hoping to bring you some fantastic cheap and easy ideas to get you started. 

    Perfect for all the family to get also get involved in…even dad so why not started and add some things to your basket today.

  2. Funniest Christmas pictures on the web

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    Sit back, grab a glass of sherry or port or whatever your Christmas tipple is and enjoy these funny pictures we've found. 

    My favourite seasonal drink this year has to be a Starbucks Eggnog Latte...yum!


    Why we blame the dog.



    I dare you to tag your facebook friend in on this....I know you know of  at least one.



    Admit're going to try this if we ever get some snow.



    Who could be so cruel?  Can't deny it would be a cracking idea.

    Funny Christmas picture Disney Frozen



    This is also a great one that could save a few quid

    Funny Christmas picture gifts for boys



    Anyhow, moving on....

    Funny Reindeer Christmas picture



    This has actually happened rid of the cat soon after to save the tree

    Cats and Christmas trees



    And to show that I do have a heart...wait for it....Awwwwwwwww

    Lion King Disney Picture


    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Funny Christmas picture birds