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  1. Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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    Easter Sunday can be pretty boring if all you do is hand over those Easter eggs to the kids to see them being demolished in an hour!  

    Why not stretch out the fun and plan an Easter egg hunt?

    Easter egg hunts are a common Easter tradition especially for children.  Sadly the weather seems to be against us this weekend so we'll have to resort to hiding those delicious eggs indoors but thankfully that means there are plenty of hiding places.

    indoor easter egg hunt idea

    The largest ever Easter egg hunt consisted of almost ten thousand children looking for over half a million eggs but we don't want to go that crazy.

    The Easter egg hunt can be as short, long or as difficult as you'd like to find those scrummy eggs.  You could even include other members of the family to make the day egg-stra special.  Make sure it's suitable for the age range though...we don't want granddad getting confused with the clues.

    We've got some great printable Easter egg hunt clues that you can use courtesy of ‘thisisme-sarahmumof3’

    easter hunt riddles

    Alternative Easter Gifts Ideas

    You don't want your little ones filling up with too much chocolate so you could fill up plastic eggs with other little treats or alternatively paint up some hard boiled eggs for a fun booby prize.  

    Easter egg hunt ideas

    Think outside of the box this Easter.

    If you really want to be continental you could try the 'egg dance' which is a German tradition where people put eggs on the floor and dance around them although I'm not too sure about that one.

    If dad is being particularly grumpy get him involved too...whether he wants to or not.  Re-do the hunt later on in the day to keeps those little ones amused.  As you’ve obviously run out of chocolate by now, hide his car keys, wallet or even worse, the TV remote control!

    And of course you cannot forget yourself this Easter Sunday.  Everyone deserves a little treat...Happy Easter to you, mum and your lovely family.

    mums wine and chocolate easter treat